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Supportive Housing

ICF supports United States federal agencies and nonprofits in creating broad-based, stable housing solutions for homeless and at-risk families.

ICF works with U.S. federal agencies, state and local governments, and nonprofits to facilitate cross-disciplinary and cross-agency collaborations and address barriers to stable housing.

Service providers working with both homeless and at-risk families know that vulnerable populations can face many barriers to stable housing.  These providers need to achieve coordination among multiple housing and social services programs.

ICF’s subject matter experts apply knowledge from diverse fields to develop innovative solutions. ICF’s areas of expertise include:

  • Affordable housing
  • Workforce planning
  • Income support programs
  • Self-sufficiency programs
  • Victim services
  • Substance abuse
  • Community planning

The end goal of ICF’s engagements is to help those who are homeless find stable housing and to prevent those at risk from becoming homeless.