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Economic Development & Infrastructure

ICF works with city, state and county governments, nonprofit organizations, and tribal communities on a range of economic and infrastructure development issues focused on creating jobs and fostering business development.

ICF understands that a thriving community includes programs that provide training and support to build skills and assist low-income individuals in finding jobs so that families can achieve economic stability. We help organizations administer programs that bring economic opportunity to families and neighborhoods with a focus on:

  • Business development and job creation
  • Housing and community planning
  • Asset building and financial literacy
  • Poverty reduction and social equity

For businesses to be successful, they must work within an infrastructure that supports their growth. ICF designs grant programs and other initiatives to deliver services such as broadband and affordable housing and assist clients with program financing, implementation, and monitoring. We also provide support in policy development and program design and deliver technical assistance and training on how to use federal programs.

With in-house specialists in areas such as real estate finance, telecommunications, and environmental compliance, ICF is a one-stop resource. Our extensive on-the-ground experience enables us to bring practical tips, tools, and a real-world perspective to our clients' economic development and infrastructure challenges.