About ICF

Sabrina Blaiklock

Vice President, Energy Marketing
Sabrina has worked with large brands and led teams to develop creative content and marketing campaigns that move people to take action.

When Sabrina was 18 years old, she saw a Revlon magazine ad for their new Blackberry color lipstick and a tear-out coupon to buy it. She had to have it. When she got to the store, the lipstick display was completely empty for the Blackberry color. She stood in awe looking at that display, and it was at that moment that she knew that she wanted to be the person who designed the ad, got people to the store, and sold out of a product. She still has that passion for marketing and advertising today.

Since that early moment of inspiration, Sabrina has worked with large brands and led teams to develop creative content and campaigns that move people to take action. During the dot-com boom, Sabrina worked at AOL where she led direct response, marketing, and creative strategy for OEM and retail CD-ROM packaging and displays. If you received an AOL CD with your computer or picked one up at the store in the early 2000s to sign up for AOL, Sabrina was responsible for what you held in your hand.

She pivoted to the music and entertainment industry and joined Time Life where she rebuilt their Direct Marketing function. Ultimately, the digital revolution for music delivery impacted the CD retailers. It was at that point that Sabrina launched a boutique marketing strategy and services company where she worked with a variety of clients in the technology, government, non-profit, and B2B sectors.

Today, Sabrina is a Marketing Vice President at ICF, where she leads a large marketing team and has developed a successful niche in the energy and utilities sector. She works with large clients across the East Coast and Midwest. With these clients, Sabrina continues to follow her passion: leading the development of creative campaigns that move people to improve their lives while also impacting the world in a positive way. During her time at ICF, her marketing team has deployed marketing campaigns that have reached 22.3M utility customers, garnered over 280 marketing awards, and saved 10.5M MWh of energy.