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Customer Engagement and Experience

Build a profitable, mutually beneficial relationship with customers

Your customers expect personalized choice and control when it comes to how they manage their energy usage and engage with you. They also want to understand “what’s in it for them.” This is forcing a shift in how customer-facing programs are created and program information is disseminated.

We help you leverage centralized tracking, analytics, and engagement systems to improve engagement now and fend off longer-term threats to your business. By knowing what’s happening at every touchpoint in their experience, you can address customer pain points in a way that easily communicates business value.

Customer Marketing

Create personalized interactions through digitally integrated offerings

While changes in customer choice can be disruptive, they are an opportunity. New technologies and tracking systems can help you map your customers’ experience at every touchpoint, and move them along a journey that is mutually beneficial.

Considered one of the world’s top marketing and communications agency, we offer deep expertise across the entire spectrum of marketing services including advertising, digital marketing, loyalty, customer relationship management and brand management. Our comprehensive suite of resources, tools, and methodologies includes:

  • Sightline™, our Customer Analytics Platform helps you personalize outreach programs thanks to a 360-degree view of customer data from all front- and back-office activities.
  • Journey+, our Cross-industry Methodology to accurately identify and map key customer interactions and pain points—then build an actionable roadmap to address them.
  • Tally®, our award-winning loyalty and Customer Relationship Management Platform helps organizations manage customer interactions, create and target promotions, uncover actionable insights, and drive online, offline, mobile, or text experiences.

Energy Efficiency Program Design and Implementation

Delivering award-winning DSM and EE programs for over 25 years

For over 25 years, over 50 of the top U.S. utilities count on us to help them with their current energy efficiency programs, while also building for the future that prioritizes customer expectations and needs more than before. Our cross-disciplinary team of experts are in every aspect of the market, including residential, low-income, multi-family, commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional, and government sectors. In each sphere, we help our clients formulate the most cost-effective, engaging energy efficiency programs.


Actionable lines of sight provide a clear view to optimize programs

Amidst new cost pressures, emerging competitors, shifting regulatory landscapes, and technology advances, the utility-customer relationship is more important than ever before. As customers become increasingly aware of alternative energy options, utilities must deliver personalized programs, offerings, and experiences that are informed by a deep understanding of their needs.

Sightline™ is designed to support diverse energy programs and put those insights right at your fingertips. This comprehensive, centralized platform marries portfolio management and robust analytics with our deep industry knowledge, expertise, and proprietary benchmarks.

This 360-degree view of customer data enables program teams and customer care agents to develop data-driven campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time—which means you can spend more time designing and delivering effective energy programs and less time sifting through disparate systems of data.

Procurement and advisory services

Design a procurement process that produces results

Utility resource procurement is getting tougher. Utilities now need to take into consideration future market scenarios, stringent environmental mandates, customer expectations, and the pressure of unpredictable economic demand.

We know energy markets and the latest technologies. That knowledge helps us guide product identification, evaluation protocols and criteria, and interactions with regulators and customers. Our team has the expertise and resources to handle every stage of the energy procurement process from design and administration to evaluation, negotiation, and regulatory support for approval.

The term “Ratepayer” is officially extinct

Watch the video to learn more about how and why the customer has become so much more than yesterday's ratepayer.

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Energy utility customer engagement platform
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Utility Customer Engagement and Experience

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Reinventing the utility customer's experience

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