PSE&G’s 'Welcome to the Saverhood' campaign

We crafted an omnichannel marketing campaign to boost awareness of and participation in PSE&G’s ambitious energy efficiency programs—the largest commitment to energy efficiency in New Jersey’s history.
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To support Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utility, in its commitment to developing energy-efficient programs, strategies, and technologies for its customers, our team of marketing experts developed an interactive, engaging, and inclusive omnichannel campaign: “Welcome to the Saverhood.”


In 2021, PSE&G committed $1 billion toward energy efficiency programs such as appliance recycling, HVAC savings, appliance rebates, and home assessments. The energy saving goals were the largest commitment to energy efficiency in the state’s history, which meant the utility had aggressive energy savings targets to meet. As its energy efficiency programs were new to the market, PSE&G sought to build customer awareness and participation through an extensive marketing campaign.


As PSE&G’s agency of record, we developed a marketing and branding campaign targeting audiences most likely to take up the company’s energy efficiency programs. Founded on the concept of “If savings were a place,” the Saverhood campaign depicts an idyllic community where all roads lead to smarter energy choices. Partnering with the utility, we developed and executed an integrated campaign, which included billboards, transit advertising, digital advertising landing pages, emails, and social media ads. The team also developed extensive print collateral, including bill inserts, direct mail postcards, brochures, and assorted program materials.

The campaign launched in March 2022 with commercials featuring PSE&G’s instant discounts on LED lighting and home energy assessments. Then the campaign expanded to include ads for the utility’s Quick Home Energy Check-up Program.

The 2022 media buy spanned 24 weeks across local cable and broadcast television networks, with approximately 159,860 spots running in 31 key cable zones in New Jersey and the New York designated market area.



Impressions within PSE&G’s service territory


Increase in visits to PSE&G’s home energy assessments webpage


Month-over-month increase in conversion
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In 2022, the Saverhood campaign resulted in over 676 million impressions within PSE&G’s service territory. It generated a 265% increase in visits to PGE&G’s home energy assessments webpage and 185% increase in time spent on the page. Significantly, PSE&G’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program saw a 92% month-over-month increase in conversion rate from August to September. PSE&G’s Quick Home Energy Check-up Program saw its highest campaign conversions for the year, with an 89% month-over-month increase in conversions and a 219% increase in conversion rate from August to September—at that time, the most customer participation in a single month.

“The ‘Welcome to the Saverhood’ campaign team brought creative vision and industry expertise to help our customers and stakeholders reach their aggressive energy savings goals. The marketing team was focused on driving customer participation, and we were thrilled with the results!”

Ria Canagon
Manager of Energy Efficiency Outreach, PSE&G
The Saverhood campaign continues in 2023 with new creative deployed for several channels, including out-of-home transit ads, high impact display ads, and branded CTV ads. The campaign has already garnered 92M+ impressions during the first three months of 2023 and will continue to support PSE&G’s energy efficiency goals.

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