About ICF

Felix Amrhein

Manager, Energy and Environmental Markets
Felix analyzes clean energy and decarbonization policies and advises government, utility, and private sector clients on clean energy standards, carbon markets, and decarbonization policies.

Felix provides strategic insights on energy and environmental markets to states, localities, utilities, and energy companies with over five years of experience. With an energy, resource, and environmental economics background, he advises clients on the impacts of clean energy and decarbonization policies on energy systems across North America.

Felix’s expertise covers energy policies, including cap and trade programs like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, clean energy, and renewable portfolio standards. It also spans decarbonization policies such as deep decarbonization, carbon neutrality, and pathway analysis to achieving carbon reduction targets in North America. He analyses energy policies in over 20 states in the U.S. in the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, and provinces across Canada.

Early in his role, Felix focused on researching implementation plans for the Clean Power Plan established under President Obama and carbon market analysis in the Northeast U.S. and Canada. Besides helping states join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, he built multi-sectoral expertise working with natural gas utilities, energy industry associations, developers, and financial institutions on energy market analysis.

Felix identifies and analyzes decarbonization strategies for city and state/provincial clients in North America. As the lead power sector modeler, Felix examined pathways for New York City to achieve 80% economy-wide emission reductions by 2050, including a clean grid mandate by 2040. He also led projects exploring policy pathways to reach North Carolina’s Clean Energy Plan goals and worked with New Mexico’s Renewable Energy Transmission Authority to identify transmission solutions that support renewable energy developments in the state.

Felix holds a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Marburg.

  • M.A., International Economics and International Relations, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
  • B.S., Biomedical Sciences, University of Marburg