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Cybersecurity in Critical Sectors

ICF supports trade associations by establishing and managing risk profiles through cyber assessment, monitoring, remediation, and training for association members.

ICF recognizes the complex internal and external challenges that organizations face in implementing and maintaining effective cyber programs. For more than 10 years, ICF has worked with trade associations on integrated cybersecurity solutions that safeguard critical information against the widest range of internal and external threats.

We understand trades and their role in providing services, benefits, and leadership for their members around critical issues such as cyber protection. Our comprehensive cyber program enables associations to achieve measurable improvements in the security posture of their members.

ICF understands the challenges to safeguard your members from cyber threats. We provide military-grade cyber services, and our credentialed, internationally recognized cyber experts are ready to provide the right level of cyber support to providers in critical sectors, including energy, aviation, and transportation. Our solution blends expertise with automation to seamlessly support assessment, training, remediation, reporting, and compliance tasks across geographically dispersed participants.

Advantages to Association Members

The advantages of our right-sized solution for your members include:

  • A clear picture of their current cyber risks and issues
  • A roadmap for improvement and remediation
  • A ranking of cyber threats based on severity to help set priorities and make investment decisions
  • A sound, sector-specific consensus of cyber best practices
  • Training and resources to help make participants more self-sufficient
  • Access to ICF's deep cyber expertise professionals—on-site and virtual

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Benefits to Trade Associations

There are numerous benefits to coordinating and distributing cyber services to trade association members, including:

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