Decarbonization strategy

Translating goals into actionable plans and programs

Start with the right data

Achieving decarbonization goals requires a firm grasp of your current emissions, what requirements you need to adhere to, what you want to achieve, and how well various solutions can get you there. We offer deep-dive modeling of multiple sectors, carbon accounting, costs and benefits assessments, and other necessary information and insights that serve as the basis for actionable strategies.

Visualize your long-term plan

A good plan requires a clear goal and pathways to achieve that goal. We guide your team through visioning, goal setting, stakeholder outreach, and ‘what if’ scenarios – all designed to bring key decision-makers to an actionable plan, tailored to the unique resources and requirements of your utility service territory, city, state, province, or nation.

Forge winning public-private partnerships

Governments and utilities share the same goal of creating a decarbonized future. But too often goals are set by policymakers without careful planning of how they will be achieved with key players. As a consulting firm with a reach in both worlds, we can bring both parties to the table to help score a win for both utilities and government—and the future of the planet.

See how public-private partnerships can build a clean energy future

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Achieve energy equity

Ensure the benefits of decarbonization reach low-income households and diverse or vulnerable communities. From urban hubs to hard-to-reach rural areas, we use advanced analytics and tailored engagement strategies to help utilities and governments develop powerful clean energy plans that leave no one behind.

Our services


  • Target setting and planning
  • Understanding requirements
  • GHG inventories 
  • Baselining/carbon footprint analysis
  • Clean energy resource potential studies


  • Scenario modeling
  • Infrastructure and investment requirements
  • Policy and regulatory support
  • Climate risk mitigation
  • Utility resource and resiliency planning
  • Clean power and fuels strategies


CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

CO₂Sight: Decarbonization and energy planning platform

Develop a line of sight toward your decarbonized future with CO₂Sight, the only analytics and action planning framework with ICF expertise built in.

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