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Our Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Preparedness

No two disasters are created equal. We evaluate and implement policies and programs that help strengthen resilience through pre-disaster planning, training and exercises.

Economic Sustainability

We prepare the workforce for a post-disaster labor market and help our clients leverage funding to build public-private partnerships that spur economic growth.


Housing Solutions

Our experts have conducted some of the largest recovery efforts in history. We design and manage FEMA and HUD funded homeowner and rental programs in compliance with cross-cutting federal requirements.

Infrastructure Resilience

We assess the risks posed in all hazards, evaluate the likely impacts and work to mitigate the consequences to achieve long-term resilience. Our 1000+ technical professionals design resilient solutions for transportation, energy, cyber, housing and community infrastructure.

Recovery Operations

From large-scale grant management operation to housing policy and environmental assessments, we provide an integrated set of expert services in recovery.

ICF has worked with federal, state, and local communities for over 20 years, helping to manage large-scale disaster recovery efforts that align the interests of federal agencies, local officials and community leaders. These projects are incredibly complex, and the stakes are high for the people and local economies most heavily impacted. We place a huge focus on making sure the work is done right, fast, and in a way that improves the resilience of those communities to resist future disasters. For many of us, it’s the most important work we’ll ever do.

Our Disaster Recovery Results


applications processed following Hurricane Katrina


environmental, historical and cultural preservation projects reviewed after Superstorm Sandy


applications fielded within three months after Superstorm Sandy

Client Stories

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Superstorm Sandy
Homeowners and renters returned home or relocated to safer areas
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