Data Science & Analytics

Value from high quality data is almost limitless. The challenge is tapping into the mountains of data today’s organizations collect to extract reliable nuggets of insight. We work with clients to build better relationships with their data and to enable the crafting of smart stories that encourage desired actions.

ICF’s highly experienced data scientists and engineers work to clean, organize, secure, and analyze data. Then, our data visualization specialists take over to tell the stories in the data. The best solutions to complex issues often stem from ICF’s in-house ability to combine comprehensive data services with subject matter expertise that spans today’s high-priority domains.

Our services span the data lifecycle to cover:

  • Predictive, big data, program integrity and fraud analytics that use historical data to establish trends that predict future behavior using machine learning, deep learning and other modern data science techniques.
  • Customer and sentiment analytics to help identify patterns that can drive appropriate marketing or outreach activities.
  • Modernization of systems and reporting that incorporates data visualization to evolve your IT with minimal disruption.
  • Process improvement opportunities for data creation, management, and dissemination that proper change management activities can drive to success.


Data Engineering

ICF does the foundational work necessary to ensure that clients collect, analyze, and store clean, high quality data.

Garbage in, garbage out. An expression from the earliest days of computing is more relevant than ever as the amount of available data grows. ICF has data engineers, modelers, and analysts ready to help you acquire and clean relevant datasets, develop robust data models, and architect scalable analytics environments.

As technologies and methodologies for collecting data evolve, ICF helps clients get all the value they can from today’s data while enabling tomorrow’s solutions. Our data cleansing, ETL (extract, transform, load), and data warehousing specialists lay the groundwork to leverage the data you already have for business insights and improved decision making.


Data Science

ICF combines subject matter expertise with data analytics to translate raw data into the answers to our client's toughest challenges.

We convert data into insights, insights into action. With fluency in modern statistical models, geospatial analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we use your clean, high quality data to inform actionable and transparent intelligence.

ICF’s data scientists, statisticians, and developers are part of the wave of innovation that is helping clients simplify and summarize data as much as possible to extract meaning that supports better decision-making.


Data Visualization

ICF uses the latest advanced tools and approaches to transform data into stories and dashboards that unlock value and spur action.

Data visualization is where art meets science. It’s where we can use the data you’ve already got to uncover the most meaningful stories for decision-makers. We combine technology fluency, deep domain understanding, and user experience expertise to give your data a voice. We are technology agnostic and use the tools that best meet our customers’ needs.

Maybe your data isn’t ready for prime time. Or maybe reporting needs aren’t clear. Data visualization is the perfect place to start. Rapid prototyping that can show you the power of your data in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years, even if your data sources are disparate and siloed. Value is delivered quickly with minimal disruption.


Geospatial Solutions

ICF serves clients from local to international with geospatial consulting, analysis, and production to ensure they benefit from the ongoing revolution in geospatial information and analytics that is changing the way we look at problems and find solutions. Now, more than ever, “where” matters!

ICF Geospatial Solutions experts work with our clients to achieve optimized use of geographic information within their organization. Specifically, we help advance through the following progression:

  • Analysis of internal workflows, decision-making processes and existing geospatial and conventional information sources
  • Discovery of geospatial data, capacities and infrastructure within client organization and communities as well as identification of standards, industry best practices and communities of practice
  • Visualization of client data with other relevant spatial data in a simple, interactive or static map allows clients to see and share the unique perspective provided by seeing information in a geographic context
  • Integration of disparate data sets into reliable, accessibly and efficient storage or access configurations
  • Develop analytical models to utilize the data for answering complex question and providing unique and useful insights into the organizations operational environment
  • Design, develop, deploy and host applications providing dynamic mapping, dashboards and reports

By combining the best practices of the information technology and geospatial information disciplines, ICF designs, develops and deploys high quality solutions that provide maximum value to our clients. Our GIS Solutions Team is closely aligned with ICF's full complement of information technology development teams, providing direct access to experts in web site development, content management systems, database administration, mobile applications and social media.

Additionally, our diverse staff and close working relationship with internal experts in a wide range of industries translates into considerable experience with the energy, transportation, health, emergency management and many other markets. We support these clients with market analysis, situational awareness, decision-support, planning and evaluation.

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Leverage a standalone text mining software application to prioritize documents for expert review.
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