Custom climate risk analytics at any space and time scale

Uncertainty surrounding climate change shouldn't be a barrier to action. In fact, it should motivate us to be proactive. By harnessing big data and employing custom analytics, our experts utilize ClimateSight® to generate customized climate projections and risk analyses across any time horizon and geography, from small towns to the entire globe.

Coupled with our expert consulting, ClimateSight uses big datasets and cutting-edge science to identify key risk scenarios and actionable insights across industries, including:

  • Finance: Screens potential investments for risks and opportunities
  • Energy: Assesses vulnerability to inform long-term infrastructure and resilience planning
  • Federal: Targets national expenditure and regional program development
  • State and local government: Assesses vulnerability and adaptation strategies
  • Agriculture: Projects crop yield, growing-season changes, and adaptation for long-term planning
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Custom climate risk analysis from global climate projection data

Identifying climate risks is key to addressing them. Our team leverages ClimateSight’s innovative enterprise and cloud computing to store and analyze terabytes of historical and projected climate data. By using high-resolution downscaled CMIP5 and CMIP6 Global Climate Model datasets, ClimateSight analyzes a large range of future climate hazards to align with hyper-local decision-making.

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Decision-first approach for actionable insight

Our flexible analytical environment enables tailored variable calculations matched to client decisions, such as temperature metrics tied to agriculture yield and energy demand. ClimateSight uses large Global Climate Model (GCM) ensembles to help quantify future climate change uncertainty, developing probabilistic projections that support risk-based decision-making and high-impact outcomes.

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Industry expert integration

Our cross-sector consultants combine ClimateSight’s advanced climate projections and analytics with robust industry knowledge to create targeted assessments and solutions. Our scientific expertise refines future climate hazards into realistic assessments of vulnerability and risk. By synthesizing forward-looking climate change projections, our team provides a holistic approach to understanding climate risks and actions.

Our services

  • Climate change risk screening and assessments
  • Climate change vulnerability assessments
  • Climate change impact analysis
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Resilient infrastructure planning
  • Energy resilience planning
  • Applied climate science
  • Enabling technology
  • Technical cooperation and assistance

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