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What is Change Management and Implementation?


Our clients are the first view through the ICF lens, with our eye on how to help them achieve ambitious goals even in the face of ever-changing markets, regulations, and policies. No organization is immune to the need for change—and ICF offers the unique, leading-class expertise that helps them manage it successfully.

As organizations strive for excellence, they refine their operating strategies to align with a shifting environment. Successfully implementing change requires generating and sustaining organization-wide commitment and enthusiasm. To do this, organizations must carefully manage all aspects of the change, from conception of the proposed solution to supporting implementation with training.

At its simplest, the goal of change management is sustainable, positive change. Successful change strategy focuses on driving collaboration and buy-in rather than only minimizing resistance and addressing anxiety. ICF’s approach to change is founded on the principle that changes designed and implemented with a people-focused process encounter more enthusiasm (and less resistance) across an organization. This principle is rooted in the reality that organizations are driven by their internal and external stakeholders. ICF’s approach fosters stakeholder buy-in—for lasting, positive improvements that make a real difference to customers, constituents, communities, and our world.

By Lisa Gabel