Change management services

Organizational effectiveness tool kit

Faced with evolving user needs, constant organizational change, and emerging technologies, government agencies must rapidly introduce new tools, capabilities, and systems into their organizations. Our suite of practical tools and change management services, ICF ChangeWorks™, empower government, commercial, and non-profit transformation through process optimization, organizational design, and change implementation that is sustainable and scalable.

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Change Management

Ensuring organizational effectiveness

We provide organizations with tools and expert change management coaching to support leaders and staff in optimizing their organizations. Our team works through a rigorous, agile process to help link business strategy, group strategy, team-level objectives, and individual motivations. We also leverage human-centered design and collaboration principles to define dynamic and empathetic solutions rooted in both employee experience and team performance.

Change Management

Rapid diagnostics to identify current and future needs

Our change management experts meet government agencies where they’re at in order to assess organizational readiness and identify problems, opportunities, and changes. This includes stakeholder analysis and mapping, culture assessments, and comprehensive analysis of roles and responsibilities. Depending on a given situation, we select change management frameworks tailored to specific organizational needs. As part of this, our experts develop solutions that can scale to a project’s level of complexity, enterprise impact, and target timelines—from under 3 months to a year and beyond.

Change Management

Implementation that increases buy-in

We harness the power of people to develop training and coaching that empowers staff to become change ambassadors. Through capacity building and feedback, implementation involves continuous improvement to improve staff buy-in and client satisfaction. When government employees are prepared, equipped, and supported through change, they are six times more likely to achieve desired objectives, five times more likely to stay on schedule, and twice as likely to remain within budget.

Our services

Rapid diagnostics

  • Problem identification
  • Change readiness assessments
  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping
  • Culture assessments
  • Case for change
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Root cause analysis

Transformational design

  • Visioning
  • Organization redesign
  • Process and journey mapping
  • Facilitation of group buy-in
  • Prioritization
  • Strategic communication
  • Risk planning

Iterative implementation

  • Governance models
  • Training
  • Capacity building
  • Coaching
  • Feedback and adoption measures
  • Change ambassador programs
  • Continuous improvement
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