U.S. Army counts on data analytics from ICF

Supporting an adaptive training mission with a big impact on the future of learning

A key ingredient for advancing and transforming the state of learning is data analysis, specifically tracking learner performance in the classroom and in the field. New advances in analytics, organizational research, big data, and intelligent tutoring generate information that can better inform U.S. Army learning, in a 24/7 anytime, anywhere training environment. At ICF, our team provides expertise in research-based learning methods that can improve performance, readiness, and affordability.

In this case study, we examine a prototype framework called the Continuous Learning and Analytics Resource (CLEAR) model, which provides reporting results in plain language to course administrators and instructors, while allowing researchers to export detailed results for more complex analysis. The framework is designed as a fully extensible open source toolkit and is interoperable with simulation and training technologies via xAPI.

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