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BMDS Wizard


ICF has developed a Microsoft Excel-based tool known as the BMDS Wizard that allows a user to run multiple consecutive modeling sessions in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Benchmark Dose Modeling Software (BMDS). The BMDS Wizard stores all inputs, outputs, and decisions made in the modeling process.

All benchmark-dose modeling is conducted using EPA's BMDS software; the BMDS Wizard acts as a "shell" surrounding BMDS. The BMDS Wizard simplifies the BMD modeling process by streamlining data entry and option file development, implementing logic to help compare and evaluate models, and automating the documentation in a report format. It is capable of analyzing continuous, dichotomous, and dichotomous-cancer datasets. The Wizard stores all inputs and output from BMDS, including output files and image files, in the Microsoft Excel workbook.

The BMDS Wizard recommends best-fitting models based on customizable, user-defined decision logic. A user may choose to agree or disagree with the model recommendations made by the BMDS Wizard. Once a user selects a best-fitting model, the BMDS Wizard can generate a Microsoft Word summary report of the results. Model recommendation criteria are based primarily on EPA's 2012 Benchmark Dose Technical Guidance1. The BMDS Wizard is designed to integrate with DRAGON software that stores experimental study details in addition to the dose-response data used in a comprehensive risk assessment.

Current Release: Version 1.10 (updated October 2014)

Download the latest version of the BMDS Wizard at no cost. The download consists of a zip file containing the BMDS Wizard, other required files, installation instructions, and documentation.

System requirements: 

  • Windows XP, Vista, or 7
  • Microsoft Excel 2007+
  • Microsoft Word 2007+
  • U.S. EPA BMDS Software (version 2.5)

BMDS Wizard is not endorsed or approved by the EPA.

1 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 2012. Benchmark Dose Technical Review Draft. http://www.epa.gov/raf/publications/pdfs/benchmark_dose_guidance.pdf 

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The BMDS Wizard is designed to integrate with the DRAGON software currently being developed by ICF. Learn more about DRAGON, which is used to store dose-response information commonly used in a risk assessment.