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Housing Rehabilitation Post Disaster

Apr 18, 2016

ICF consultants work directly and locally with government organizations in disaster-ravaged areas, helping them overcome extraordinary challenges to rebuild and provide aid to displaced community members. We understand the complexities and competing interests that come with this task and provide insights and solutions our clients rely on for recovery.

A key example is the damaging flooding in South Carolina, which resulted in lives lost, thousands of homes under water, businesses closed, failed infrastructure, and over half a million dollars in crops wiped out. Housing recovery is a key factor in the recovery process, but there are many challenges. Among the biggest challenges are lack of resources and understanding applicable regulations.

In this presentation from the 2016 Palmetto Affordable Housing Forum, Bonnie Lester, ICF Technical Director for Housing and Community Development, addresses housing recovery and some of the challenges that occur when working to rehabilitate or reconstruct disaster-damaged homes.

Download the full presentation to learn more about this critical topic.

By Bonnie Lester