BGE and Holy Cross Energy CEOs on energy affordability and community development

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In the push for energy justice, utilities have a leading role to play. Low-income households face an energy burden three times higher than that of other households, and utilities can help strengthen disadvantaged communities by addressing affordability head-on in their customer programs.

But what does advancing energy justice mean in practice? Creating new energy systems. Responding to community needs. Building a bold and inclusive vision for the future in partnership with residents and businesses.

Learn how utility leaders are steering their organizations through this time of intense challenge and opportunity. In this webinar, Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) and Holy Cross Energy CEOs share their perspectives on:

  • How to craft and champion a successful energy affordability program
  • Lessons learned from testing an autonomous energy grid
  • Community development best practices
  • The utility’s evolving role in the fight for energy justice


Meet the author
  1. Val Jensen, Senior Fellow, Energy Advisory, Policy, and Program Implementation

    Val is an energy and utilities specialist with more than 40 years of experience tackling the most pressing issues faced by the utility industry. View bio