Selecting the right clean energy project sites can maximize IRA benefits

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The Inflation Reduction Act is poised to transform the U.S. energy landscape by lowering the cost of solar, wind, storage, and other zero-emissions technologies. However, only a fraction of land across the U.S. is suitable for developing these renewable projects.

Siting power projects presents a host of challenges that could limit how much clean energy is brought to market and how fast the transition happens. In this paper, our experts leverage data and technology to identify the best locations for clean energy projects.

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  • Best practices for evaluating grid access and available capacity.
  • Key considerations for assessing the economic viability of sites including recent policies and incentives.
  • The importance of screening potential sites for geographic constraints.
Explore insights on how to drive low-emission transitions and build resilience against the effects of climate change.
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Meet the authors
  1. Himali Parmar, Vice President, Energy Advisory Services, Interconnection and Transmission

    Himali joined ICF in 2002 and is an expert in renewable integration, interconnection assessments, production cost modeling, forecasting transmission congestion and losses, and their effect on locational power prices and asset valuation. View bio

  2. Shankar Chandramowli, Senior Manager, Energy and Power Markets

    Shankar possesses over 10 years of experience in energy market consulting, with expertise in energy policy research, due diligence assessments, economic analysis of energy systems, and public stakeholder engagement.  View bio

  3. Divya Boddu, Senior Energy Markets Consultant