Federal disaster aid: The applicant's journey

Federal disaster aid: The applicant's journey
After a natural disaster, residents must navigate a complex array of funding sources to get the relief they need. Here’s a breakdown of the process—with tips along the way.

We work on the front lines of disaster recovery, helping communities recover from major storms such as Sandy, Maria, Irma, and Harvey. When you live in a disaster-impacted community, the challenges you face can seem overwhelming. Do you have enough food and water? Will you have to move? Are your kids able to go to school? What about your job?

You’re not alone. There are federal funds that can help you get back on your feet, but it can be confusing to juggle the different applications, inspections, and approval processes. That’s why we built this interactive journey map—to show you how aid can be secured after a natural disaster.

Explore this map to see how the major disaster funding sources interact with each other, and with you, throughout the disaster recovery process. And read tips on how to comply with their many requirements.

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