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Marko Bourne
Senior Vice President, Disaster Management

Marko G Bourne is a 34-year government and business senior executive who has bridged the gap between government and the private sector at all levels of government.  He is the senior vice president for Disaster Management and Strategic Initiatives at ICF, which supports federal, state, and local disaster planning, recovery, and resilience across the United States. Marko has led homeland security and emergency management business units of major corporations and not-for-profits. He was also a senior executive at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, taking on various roles—the most recent of which was serving as FEMA’s director of policy and program analysis (the number three position at the Agency).

With over 30 years in the local, state, and federal emergency management profession, Marko has led first responder operations and state emergency management policy. He also served as founding director of the National Integration Center in FEMA and DHS and developed the first National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the National Response Framework.  Marko led the reorganization of FEMA following Hurricane Katrina and has been a senior federal career and appointed leader to more than 200 Presidentially declared disasters.  He is a former police officer and firefighter and resides in Pennsylvania.

Insights by Marko Bourne