Adobe + ICF Next: Secured Xperience

Achieving personalization in secure digital spaces

Although personalization is a common goal for organizations, most are challenged with how to get there. For many businesses, delivering a personalized experience means authoring various microsites, many iterations of similar content, or even multiple websites to account for restricted access, regulatory requirements, or differences in information needs due to specific profile attributes. This can mean expansive teams performing very similar functions, but for different parts of the business or within specific segments.

When users get behind a login, the challenge of targeting the right, secured content based on permissions increases proportionally. With Secured Experiences a single sign-on can dictate the navigation possibilities of each user according to their profile—protecting valuable proprietary information or intellectual property and reducing friction.

  • Resellers can access information specific to those products they sell—like robust product guide documentation and pricing information specific to their reseller category.
  • Authorized dealers see marketing information, service manuals, and more for only the products they service.
  • Potential customers can view marketing materials, targeted based on their profile, but navigation to permissions-based content like manuals, how-to guides, or diagrams isn’t present.
  • Content is individualized to the needs and permissions of the user, streamlining the user experience on a single website versus several portals or microsites.
  • Instead of users trying to access information and being frustrated when they are offered options they can’t access or are of no use to them, their navigation options within the digital experience are personalized to their permissions—resulting in reduced friction, a more seamless experience for the end-user, and a more streamlined authoring process for the design team.

    ICF Next’s Secured Experiences is focused on delivering secured content on your website, personalized to each individual user. Traditional personalization models are unsecured—with segments receiving content that is personalized to their preferences but also accessible to all users. Our solution is uniquely built to enable experiences where content is shown to authorized users and excluded for other groups—securely.

    We achieve this by marrying Adobe Experience Manager with secure containers, experience fragments, and an innovative permissions configuration, implemented by our experienced team, to get you where you need to be faster. Optimizing your organization’s content management, and securing specific content, provides value across organizational silos—marketing, engineering, security and governance, etc.—benefitting the entire business. We help you get the most out of your Adobe investment at every turn—maximizing your ability to deliver measurable outcomes for your business at the speed you need.

    ICF Next + Adobe

    ICF Next is a Gold Adobe Solution Partner that has spearheaded over 300 Adobe Experience Cloud implementations and was one of only 11 vendors included in The Forrester Wave™: Adobe Implementations Services Q2 2020. In the report, Forrester noted, “Clients like [ICF Next’s] project management, efficiency, and ability to challenge clients’ thinking. One reference customer said that ICF Next has ‘pushed us quite a lot. We appreciate that in a partnership.’”

    ICF Next has the tools and knowledge you need to optimize the benefit your business realizes from your Adobe investment and bring your vision to life. Our 13+ year partnership with Adobe has given us insights and experience across the Adobe Experience Cloud. Put our capabilities to work for your organization.


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