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Learn how ICF is leveraging Appian’s low-code and automation platform to solve the toughest problems

As one of the largest Appian practices in North America, we’ve successfully delivered many of the platform partner's most ambitious federal implementations, including it's largest. We also provide some of the most innovative and complex solutions, extending the platform within diverse technical and business ecosystems.

Our team has extended platform capabilities into machine learning to solve complex customer challenges. We bring the tools and expertise to accelerate enterprise Appian implementations, leveraging our large library of accelerators and reusable components—as well as our industry-leading DevOps solutions for the platform.

"A Trusted delivery partner since 2012, ICF's solution are high quality and high impact, designed to address the specific needs of the public sector"

Bruce Triner
Appian vice president for public sector
Appian bande awards
ICF was named the Appian 2021 Trusted Delivery Partner in the Public Sector for consistent delivery of complex implementations built on the Appian Low-Code Platform. We were also awarded Appian’s 2021 Public Sector Solutions Cup for our delivery of an efficient, effective financial examiner platform. In 2022, we received the Public Sector Business Impact Award for contributing a “best of the best” solution to the Appian AppMarket.

A leader in large-scale Appian deployments

Your trusted partner

We understand your business context and develop systems—quickly—to help meet enterprise goals and deliver on missions in a digital age.

End-to-end project delivery

We support Agile and iterative delivery, seamless integration with enterprise technology, and cloud and on-site deployments.

Complex business solutions

We're experts in automation, asset management, electronic acquisition, acquisition management, and IT services for the federal government.

Cost savings

We use 80% pre-built custom solutions, a lean PMO, and test automation to reduce cycle times and the cost of each deployment.

Your mission, modernized.

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