Combating child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking

We help clients identify, document, measure, and address human rights violations related to migration and labor exploitation through mixed methods, qualitative and quantitative research, and data collection across countries and industries.

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Generating knowledge to address large-scale problems

We empower agencies and organizations with in-depth and reliable data, research, and evaluations to inform policymaking and programs related to migration and labor exploitation. Our forced labor and human trafficking prevalence studies help our clients identify the nature and scope of these issues worldwide. With expertise and agility, we help our clients develop and implement effective and targeted solutions to address these complex challenges.

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Supporting teams with cross-functional expertise

With decades of deep-bench knowledge, our experts work across the private sector, government, and non-profit spheres to provide wide-ranging subject matter expertise, including communications and reporting, research and evaluation, knowledge management, international trade, child labor, forced labor and human trafficking, and supply chain tracing. We also help our clients find knowledgeable and high-quality researchers and other key staff.

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Collecting data in difficult environments

Creating solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues requires on-the-ground work in challenging environments around the globe. Our comprehensive research—including customized qualitative and investigative data collection and large-scale surveys—relies on trusted in-country research partners and specialists working with marginalized and hard-to-reach populations in difficult environments. Our experts and partners have experience working with some of the most vulnerable populations, including child laborers, forced laborers, migrants, orphans and vulnerable children, and women and girls.

Our services

Data collection and research

  • Labor conditions and prevalence
  • Supply chain tracing
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Large-scale surveys
  • Mixed methods studies


Staffing solutions

  • Cross-functional expertise
  • In-house supplemental staffing
  • Subject matter expertise to fit clients’ needs

Our work

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