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As growing urban areas deal with issues such as poverty reduction and service delivery, government agencies are in various states of reforming, decentralizing, and devolving. We support the design, implementation, and evaluation of government systems that are equitable, transparent, and effective.

Comprehensive Understanding of Critical Issues

ICF has decades of experience with provincial and local governments worldwide and international development organizations, including the World Bank (WB), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the UK Department for International Development

  • Transparency, public sector reform, and public finance management
  • Local governance and decentralization
  • Stabilization, state building, development, and rights in fragile situations
  • Social accountability

Whether supporting urban poverty reduction and administrative reform programs in India, aiding plans for government decentralization in Laos, or strengthening public finance in Nepal and the Philippines, ICF works in the regions and on the issues where our experience contributes to enduring value.

Integrated Expertise for Program Support

Our multidisciplinary teams include in-house experts in:

  • Public administration
  • Institutional and organizational development
  • Economics and finance
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Social analytics and development
  • Capacity building

They collaborate seamlessly with specialists in policy, strategy, program design, implementation, and monitoring.

Participation, collaboration, and flexibility are keys to success in today's diverse environments—and they are core to ICF's approach. From our experience, we understand how political and governance dynamics vary across countries and cultures, and we know how to adapt best practice models to local contexts.

Capacity Building for Improved Service Delivery

New infrastructure, funding, and institutional power don't automatically translate into successful projects and programs or lasting agreements and reforms.

ICF helps bridge the gap by assisting government agencies and development institutions with strategic planning, human resource development, organizational and community development, and change management. Our end goal: decision makers and service providers who are accountable, capable, and legitimate—who lay the groundwork for the sustainable delivery of public services.

Planning, Land, and Economic Development

For governments and development organizations dealing with rapidly urbanizing and expanding metropolitan regions, cities, and towns of the developing world, we meet the growing need for technical and advisory support to strengthen urban transition, planning, and management practices.

A Multifaceted Practice

Our land use and resource planning professionals work hand-in-hand with our experts in economic growth and poverty reduction, delivering multidisciplinary strategies to address:

  • Urban growth and poverty
  • Environment, climate change resilience, and sustainability
  • Urban, spatial, and land-use planning and legislation
  • Administration, management, and registration of land
  • Development at regional, community, and urban levels

Integrated capacity distinguishes ICF's planning, land, and economic development practice. Under one roof, our teams offer the comprehensive strategy, planning, and support services that help clients realize improved governance, stronger financial systems, and better infrastructure.

Building Capacity in Critical Areas

ICF works in the world's most booming, complex urban areas. We're assisting the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with urban assessments and city management projects across Asia. In the Philippines, we're helping the World Bank (WB) develop a strategy for upgrading informal settlements and supporting the Agence Francaise de Developpement with green and sustainable planning.