Federal digital transformation report: The who—and how—of getting it done

Federal digital transformation report: The who—and how—of getting it done
Oct 5, 2021

"Note: This report is based on research conducted in 2021. Find our latest report with updated findings here."

How can federal CIOs and their mission leaders keep up with emerging technologies, and ensure their modernization efforts are supported by an agile workforce?

In the report, ICF’s chief technology officer Kyle Tuberson draws on real federal employee insight and personal front-line experience to present:

  • The most compelling findings from our federal digital transformation survey
  • How CIOs can align transformation strategy and objectives with missions
  • Why public sector digital transformations fail—from the federal employee perspective
  • Tips for workforce development and how to retain agile talent
  • Resources to keep sensitive data and systems secure through transformation

About the survey

To better understand the key concerns and considerations of federal leaders as they drive digital transformation, ICF captured the sentiments of 500 federal full-time employees, with emphasis on target buyers and agency influencers in technology and IT-focused roles. The ICF federal digital transformation survey findings shed light on what federal employees think about digital transformation and the process of updating outdated infrastructure. 

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Meet the author
  1. Kyle Tuberson, Chief Technology Officer

    Kyle brings more than 20 years of experience in technology and data science to IT modernization services that help government and businesses improve efficiency and reimagine the way they meet customer needs. View bio

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