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Data Analytics

ICF's expertise in data analysis, decision support tools, and geographic information systems (GIS) enables our clients to define metrics, understand scenarios, inform policies and program designs, track initiatives, and ultimately understand their data, allowing informed decisions that result in measurable outcomes.

For initiatives such as tracking grant funding patterns, executing fraud detection algorithms, forecasting program participation, and gauging economic and environmental impact, ICF works with clients to leverage raw data from disparate systems and turn that data into action.

ICF's data analysts, information specialists, and spatial data experts work with subject matter experts to provide clients with a solid understanding of their data. Then our data visualization experts ensure that the data is most effectively communicated via intuitive reports, charts, and maps. These cross-disciplinary teams deliver data analysis solutions by:

  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Data visualization, reporting, and performance tracking

ICF's technology-agnostic analyses are informed by experience with a full range of government agencies, public programs, and private-sector initiatives. Our data analytics solutions are strengthened by our subject matter expertise in climate, community development, energy, health, social services, and homeland security, enabling us to put the data into context and provide solutions.