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Data Science & Analytics

ICF helps clients draw meaning from their data to increase understanding of customers, support better decision making, and prioritize resources.

Value from high quality data is almost limitless. The challenge is tapping into the mountains of data today’s organizations collect to extract reliable nuggets of insight. We work with clients to build better relationships with their data and to enable the crafting of smart stories that encourage desired actions.

ICF’s highly experienced data scientists and engineers work to clean, organize, secure, and analyze data. Then our unicorns, the data visualization specialists, take over to tell the stories in the data. The best solutions to complex issues often stem from ICF’s in-house ability to combine comprehensive data services with subject matter expertise that spans today’s high-priority domains.

Our services span the data lifecycle to cover:

  • Predictive, big data, program integrity and fraud analytics that use historical data to establish trends that predict future behavior using machine learning, deep learning and other modern data science techniques.
  • Customer and sentiment analytics to help identify patterns that can drive appropriate marketing or outreach activities.
  • Modernization of systems and reporting that incorporates data visualization to evolve your IT with minimal disruption.
  • Process improvement opportunities for data creation, management, and dissemination that proper change management activities can drive to success.

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