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Data Science & Analytics

We convert data into insights, then turn insights into action.

In today’s society, with exponentially increasing volumes of data generated, gathered, and stored, solving the most critical challenges requires a robust approach to collecting, managing, securing, analyzing, and disseminating data. At ICF, we work with clients to build better relationships with their data that ultimately enable the crafting of smart stories to encourage desired actions.

We work with clients at each step in the data lifecycle to clean, organize, secure, analyze, and visualize data. To provide the powerful data analyses and recommendations needed to solve the most complex issues, we combine our data services with subject matter expertise that spans many high-priority domains impacting populations worldwide, including climate change, energy, environment, health, social programs, and transportation.

 Our experts provide three primary categories of data services:

  • Data cleansing services — We do the critical foundational work required to acquire and clean relevant datasets, to develop data models, and to architect analytics environments in ways that enable bringing expertise to scale.
  • Data science services — With fluency in modern statistical models, geospatial analytics, artificial intelligence algorithms, and machine learning approaches, we transform raw data into more actionable and transparent intelligence for driving decisions.
  • Data storytelling services — Combining technology fluency, deep domain understanding, and user experience expertise, we use the latest advanced data visualization tools to give a voice to the data by uncovering and telling the most meaningful stories to decision-makers.

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