Child Immunization Mobile Panel Survey (ChIMPS)

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Although vaccination compliance has improved in the US, not all children have completed vaccine doses according to the recommended schedule. Thus, childhood immunization remains a public health concern.

For the Childhood Immunization Mobile Panel Survey (ChIMPS), ICF used the power of mobile to reach caregivers of children 17-37 months old and make estimates about childhood vaccination rates. More than 1000 respondents completed the app-enabled web survey on their smartphones in an average of 10.5 minutes. Survey weights were computed so the weighted sample had similar demographic distribution as the national population. The ChIMPS interview was based on the National Immunization Survey (NIS), and data collection required less than 24 hours.

Surveys via mobile applications have become a cost-effective way to collect public health data; cost and timeliness for rare subgroups are enhanced further with the use of a mobile panel. Through our ChIMPS survey, we revealed the characteristics of the parents and children in the survey sample were generally comparable to those of the NIS. Key study population estimates include 95.8% of respondents receiving all the recommended childhood vaccines and those delaying vaccination at 25.8%.

Another exciting proof point for mobile’s capacity to change the game for data collection: sharing documents and photos using the respondent’s phone camera. ChIMPS respondents reported a willingness to share immunization records for research purposes and more than half sent a photo to demonstrate the ease of sharing documents through a mobile phone. In the future, this capability could save more time and money by replacing survey questions with the option of sharing medical information.

Smartphone enabled surveys are advancing population health research, and the ChIMPS methodological pilot study proves that new approaches and technologies are available to advance current and future federal health surveys.

ICF experts presented on ChIMPS at the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 72nd Annual Conference.

Download the presentation using the link above to learn more about the advantages and results of using mobile panel surveys.

By Dr. John Boyle, Dr. Lewis Berman, James Dayton, Dr. Ronaldo Iachan, and Deirdre Middleton