Center for Disease Control

Center for Disease Control (CDC) Uganda

ICF is working with Center for Disease Control (CDC), Uganda to build a District Performance Management System (DPMS) to track how the CDC funds are being used to efficiently manage HIV programs. Currently, Uganda follows a paper-based data collection system that does not offer any means for CDC to implement quality control or to assess the performance of the HIV programs on a district or national level. They also have technical and business infrastructure constraints to build such a system.

The DPMS system will include the following components:

  1. A mobile (Android) based open source application to collect survey data from the field and automatically calculate the Performance Standard score for each district. The application is equipped to collect data from remote locations without access to internet and store the data in its local database environment.
  2. A Sync-up service that would enable the device to upload data from local Android database to an FTP Server upon accessing the internet.
  3. An Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process to transfer the data from the FTP Server to a central open source database.
  4. A Review Web application that provides the ability to verify the survey data being submitted and then Approve/Reject the survey. Rejected Surveys will be sent back to the Android Device for corrections through the ETL process and FTP Server. Approved Surveys will be used for Data Visualization. This component along with an automated performance standard calculation ensures quality control for the data.
  5. A Data Visualization tool (Tableau) to access approved survey results and display it in a format that enables National Level and District Level comparison of the efficiency of various Performance Management Standards for the HIV programs.
  6. A publicly accessible forum (Tableau Public) where the data visualizations for DPMS is available for CDC Uganda, District Level authorities and other policy and decision makers.

The DPMS System will be maintained by CDC Uganda using the training and documentation provided by ICF. The use of Open Source tools that the technical team is familiar with, further keeps the maintenance cost down for the team while enabling customization as needed. The data visualization available over a web based public platform helps the decision makers understand efficacy of HIV programs across the country. Given the success of this project, the same system will be leveraged and implemented across Mozambique and other African countries.