Department within the U.S Federal Government

Property Asset Management and Sustainability Information System

Optimizing the Present, Identifying Future Opportunities for Innovation

To drive efficiency and realize cost savings quickly, ICF’s data scientists, analysts, and storytellers helps clients make the most of their readily available data. The Department engaged ICF to create a shared and complete understanding of asset data across stakeholder groups and to elevate data visualization capabilities without major alterations to legacy back-end data systems:

Advanced data analysis and information distribution. ICF developed a system to centrally house three existing data marts on (1) real property, (2) personal and mobile property, and (3) sustainability and energy. Layering in business intelligence and geospatial analysis enables customized dashboards and reports for end users at the Department’s headquarters and component agencies.

Answers to advanced, geospatially-focused operations and logistics questions.

  • In the event of a building closure in one of the Department’s buildings, do I have sufficient office space nearby to house additional employees and what is the optimal approach to reallocating workspaces?
  • Which of the Department’s component facilities are most energy efficient after normalizing data by climate zone?

ICF built GeoExplorer, a map-based toolkit that quickly answers questions like these. Originally created to support an exercise in 2016, GeoExplorer has iteratively grown its capabilities and integrated additional data sources to support emerging user needs. By leveraging the existing geospatial infrastructure within the Department, this tool did not require any additional software installations or approvals, and built upon existing infrastructure, staff, and process investments. The solution uses only Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software so that deployment and subsequent updates to data and functionality are completed quickly, and are fully responsive to the evolving needs of the relevant Offices within the Department.

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