Community Interventions for Infection Control Unit (CI-ICU) at the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Automated Media Monitoring for School Closures (AMMSC)

Real-time Data to Inform Community Mitigation Recommendations

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Before, during, and after an infectious disease outbreak, school closures play an important role in protecting the health of students, staff, and community. Understanding the nature of these closures helps CDC protect Americans from emerging health threats by slowing the spread of illness, such as pandemic flu. With timely, reliable data, CDC can monitor closings to establish inter-pandemic baselines as well as pre-pandemic community mitigation guidance.

ICF’s team of specialists worked with CDC to migrate from manual data collection across a variety of sources to a Tableau dashboard updated “as-it-happens.” The AMMSC system collects relevant school closure information from online news sources, using machine learning algorithms, and displays the information CDC needs to monitor and evaluate services for communities in need.

The AMMSC system ensures that there is no lost or missing data, and instead of waiting for monthly reports, every day CDC is able to analyze school closures data from the past 24 hours. Near real-time reporting is especially important in response to pandemics, tracking patterns and trends that can help slow down infection transmission in communities nationwide.

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