Consumers are driving change in health and wellness

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Health and wellness is a trend that permeates industries beyond fitness, including retail, CPG, travel, hospitality, and financial services. There is a tremendous opportunity for brands to lean into this space to be more relevant with consumers.

With the shift in consumer perspectives, spurred in part by the disruption from the pandemic, individuals are now more willing to consider a broader range of options to meet their personal health goals. As a result, consumers seek brands across a variety of industries that can empower them with more actionable information and relevant opportunities.

The digital acceleration of the past few years continues to increase flexibility and access to health and wellness activities, while greater public awareness and education reduce the stigmas associated with mental health and highlight the importance of nutrition in improving overall health.

Explore three keys trends impacting health and wellness in 2023 and learn how brands can create meaningful experiences, services, and products to meet the evolving needs and expectations of consumers by:

  • Leaning into the power of connection.
  • Underscoring the holistic perspective.
  • Making wellness more accessible.
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