Pathways to a carbon-neutral New York City

Pathways to a carbon-neutral New York City
Jun 30, 2021

Listen to experts from NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Con Edison, and National Grid for an important conversation on technology options to drive to carbon neutrality. Drawing from a groundbreaking study that included modeling and predictive scenario analysis, NYC and its utility partners now have a deeper understanding of their options on how to make the city carbon neutral by 2050.

Learn how different levels of key decarbonization measures—including electrification, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and low carbon fuels—will impact carbon reduction, infrastructure investment needs, and overall energy consumption.

Hear more about: 

  • How we modeled three distinct pathways that reach 80% or greater emissions reductions.
  • How different technologies can reduce emissions across energy supply and use sectors, including buildings and transportation.
  • What you can do now to accelerate the clean energy agenda and meet the carbon-neutral needs of the future.
Explore insights on how to drive low-emission transitions and build resilience against the effects of climate change.
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Meet the authors
  1. Donald Chahbazpour , Director, Regulatory Strategy – Future of Heat, National Grid
  2. Ke Wei, Assistant Deputy Director, Energy, NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability & Resiliency
  3. Shuchita Prakash, Department Manager, Corporate Strategy Planning, Con Edison
  4. Deb Harris, Senior Director, Climate Planning + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Deb is an expert in climate action, decarbonization planning, and stakeholder engagement for states, cities, counties, and utilities. View bio

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