Rising ICF stars recognized with leading energy industry award

Rising ICF stars recognized with leading energy industry award
Jun 13, 2019

Laura Humphrey and Justin Mackovyak Named to “Fortnightly Under 40” List

Congratulations to ICF’s own Laura Humphrey and Justin Mackovyak for making this year’s Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF) “Fortnightly Under 40” list!

PUF is a staple in the energy space. Since 1928, PUF has provided an unbiased, open platform for thought leaders to debate and engage on utility regulation, policy, and other issues that impact the industry. Each year, they turn the (energy efficient, of course!) spotlight on up-and-comers who will shape the debate for the next generation.

Up-and-comers like Laura, who specializes in energy efficiency, building performance, and sustainability market transformation programs. “I turn tactical knowledge into strategies that evolve our industry’s approach to utilities, technology partners, and customers.” And like Justin, who is pioneering the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart homes into program designs. “It’s rewarding to help our utility clients bring their customers ‘the home of the future,’” he says.

Meet ICF’s PUF energy stars

Laura Humphrey specializes in market transformation programs relating to energy efficiency, demand management, and beneficial electrification in the New York City area. For ICF’s utility, state, and city clients, she develops programs for a wide range of sectors and helps stakeholders respond to a shifting regulatory environment. “We’re lucky to work in an industry that has such a broad scope. It combines policy, engineering, financials, and every-day people. Even if you’re working in just a small corner of it, it’s easy to see how your piece fits into the puzzle.”

"We’ll see more change in the next decade than we’ve seen in the last 30 years combined. I enjoy the challenge of seeing how my work can drive success on all sides.”

– Laura Humphrey

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Justin Mackovyak specializes in residential construction, building science, and energy efficiency. His hands-on experience and naturally inquisitive attitude towards data analytics shine in the way he leads several of ICF clients’ award-winning utility demand-side management (DSM) programs. It’s also earned him national recognition on “Big Data” and what it means for both utilities and their customers. “Construction and building science experts, engineers, data scientists, customer engagement experts, and policy makers all play an important role in managing today’s grid. When everyone is in sync, it sharpens the larger picture. It’s definitely an exciting (and sometimes challenging) industry.”

"The experts on the PUF list represent what it takes to produce safe, reliable, and affordable electricity for future generations."

– Justin Mackovyak

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  1. Justin Mackovyak, Vice President, Utility Program Implementation

    Justin leads program implementation and strategy for clients in the Mid-Atlantic region with more than 15 years’ experience. View bio

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