About ICF

Emily Golla

Emily is an expert in greenhouse gas accounting, data management, and quality assurance.

Emily has more than 10 years of expertise working on local, federal, and international initiatives to reduce greenhouse emissions. She has led teams of subject matter experts in the development of greenhouse gas inventories, emissions projections, and emissions reduction targets. Emily also possesses extensive experience conducting thorough life cycle assessments for a range of products and processes and analyzing the environmental impact of various materials-management practices. She has a long history of working on projects focused on the phaseout and management of ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases. 

At the state and local level, Emily has led the development of emissions inventories and projections for the State of Hawaii, the city of Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles and Chicago metropolitan areas, respectively. Emily has overseen data management, reporting, and quality assurance support on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency. She has worked closely alongside federal regulators to expand the collection and tracking of hydrofluorocarbons in accordance with the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act. She also manages support for EPA’s Waste Reduction Model and provides ongoing policy, programmatic, and analytical support for other EPA programs.