ICF's sustainability approach values and fosters a healthy:

  • Economy—ICF conducts cost-benefit analyses, advanced energy analytics, and wedge analyses to identify cost-effective solutions that increase energy and water use efficiency, reduce and divert waste, and limit emissions while making the most of invested dollars.
  • Environment—ICF conducts analyses and assessments to identify preferred ways to optimize use of materials and resources, lessen or eliminate environmental impacts, and promote healthy ecosystems and positive human-environment interactions.
  • Society—ICF works with our clients to conceive and implement solutions and services that protect and improve the quality of life in families, communities, and workplaces.
  • Mission—ICF understands that advancing a sustainability culture requires commitment from all levels of an organization. We help clients align their sustainability vision, goals, and objectives with their mission and priorities, and provide the employee engagement tools and management resources needed to execute effective sustainability programs.

From greenhouse gases to criteria air pollutants, energy efficiency to renewable energy, and lifecycle assessments to green procuremen—ICF's staff includes hundreds of sustainability subject matter experts who are recognized internationally for their knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness. We advise local, state, and federal agencies, leading manufacturers, consumer brands, and financial institutions on compliance and cost-saving sustainability solutions.

Our subject matter experts work hand-in-hand with exceptional information technology experts, marketing and communication specialists, economists, and other talented staff of various disciplines to provide solutions that are innovative and creative as well as exacting and technically sound.

ICF's sustainability services include:

  • Helping clients integrate sustainability into overall business strategy and organizational culture
  • Preparing clients for changing mandates and market conditions
  • Designing, developing, and implementing tools, resources, and systems needed to run an effective sustainability program

Our work helps companies and governments develop and implement world-class green strategies. Underlying our support is a firm commitment to sustainability. ICF has been carbon neutral since 2007, we prepare an annual GHG emissions inventory of our operations following the World Resources Institute/World Business Council on Sustainable Development Corporate Standard, and we voluntarily report our GHG emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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