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Power Rebate App

The energy efficiency industry’s first mobile rebate app

Leverage today’s smart devices to streamline and improve processes with Power Rebate™.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Eliminate the normal one- to three-week delay from the contractor's back office and results in customers receiving their rebate checks sooner.
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Increase contractor satisfaction

By streamlining data collection and leveraging barcode scanning, photographs, geotagging, and auto-fill functionality, Power Rebate minimizes the level of effort required by contractors.
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Reduce flawed or incomplete applications

Significantly reduce input errors with innovative smart device functionality.
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Provide quality assurance for first visits

Support quality assurance both inside and outside the home at the point of installation, avoiding future inconvenience to customers.
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Diagnostics integration

Contractors benefit from a seamless experience without the need to duplicate data entry by integrating third-party tools to leverage diagnostic strengths.
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Improve cost-effectiveness

Power Rebate’s improved data quality, integrated diagnostic insights, and streamlined processes deliver improved program cost-effectiveness.

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