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Case Studies
Compliance Automation for Physical Security
Case Studies
Benefits of Low Emission Development Strategies
The Case of Clean Energy Policies in Bangladesh
Case Studies
Learn How ICF Helps Associations Better Understand Their Environmental Impact
Case Studies
The Clean Air Technologies Program for CenterPoint Energy
Case Studies
The Lean Volte Approach
Case Studies
Dynamic Learning Platform
An Agile Approach to Learning
ICF VOLTE Wall Canvas
Case Studies
Bridging America's Skills Gap
We improve work skills by bringing together employers, educational institutions and job seekers to ensure employment needs are being met.
Case Studies
Laying the Groundwork for Reducing Carbon Emissions
We work behind the scenes to ensure countries around the world reach their reduced carbon emissions goals.
Case Studies
Mapping the Path to More Engaged Customers
For utilities, a thorough understanding of who customers are and what they want yields more targeted outreach—and better delivery of services.
Man controlling home utilities on digital tablet
Case Studies
Plotting a Course to Customer Satisfaction
ICF's approach to customer satisfaction involves finding ways to immerse yourself in the customer experience.
Case Studies
Customer Satisfaction: Transforming the Healthcare Experience
At ICF, we empower our clients to build better relationships with their customers.
Case Studies
Climate Change Study Prepares Leaders for Risks
When climate change poses a real risk to our transportation systems, we’re more than ready to tackle such challenges with sound solutions.
Case Studies
Engaged for Change
How do you go about changing attitudes on European focus issues like recycling and agricultural policy? You call on ICF to bring into focus new perspectives.
Case Studies
U.S. Army Counts on Data Analytics from ICF
Supporting an adaptive training mission with a big impact on the future of learning
Cropped shot of a young computer programmer looking through data
Case Studies
Affordable Care Act (ACA) Transitioning
ICF Healthcare Case Study