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Lean Six Sigma

Reduce Aircraft Turnaround Time and Improve On-Time Performance

Jun 20, 2016

Some challenges take root in an industry and require highly strategic maneuvers to be outwitted. At ICF, our experts are well versed in engaging with clients to understand their most formidable challenges, and then work with them to develop plans to tackle them head on.

Case in point: Taking an innovative approach to the long-standing challenge of optimizing aircraft ground operations, ICF successfully applied Lean Six Sigma methodology to streamline and standardize processes. The effort helped to improve airline profitability and competitive positioning, boost overall safety and compliance, enhance customer and employee satisfaction, and improve operational performance.

In this paper, ICF aviation expert Martin Harrison elaborates on the Lean Six Sigma methodology and how airports can use it to gain the highest degree of efficiency and repeatable success.

Download to learn more about how airlines can use Lean Sigma Six to help maximize the value of their aircraft.

By Martin Harrison