White Papers

How Energy Storage Will Feed the Duck and Keep the Grid Stable

Jun 20, 2016

Our consultants work with some ambitious industry clients—those looking to achieve big goals to serve their customers while improving their communities and the world. At ICF, we are more than prepared to step up with the expertise they need to make their goals a reality.

In this paper, top-level ICF specialists in power systems engineering, power market assessments, and energy planning explore energy storage as a cost-effective, flexible resource for the power grid under rising penetration of renewables. They explain how most markets lack the mechanisms to provide adequate incentives to storage systems for providing flexibility services to the grid and how recent policy developments can incentivize storage deployment.

Download the paper to learn how application of an energy storage system can improve primary frequency response capability on the grid, which in turn enables the development of a suite of stacked applications to extract value from all possible grid services—in the capacity, ancillary, and energy markets.