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White Papers

Energy Storage in a Resurrecting PJM Regulation Market


Clients turn to ICF to help make sense of market disruptions and plan for the future. Our 1000+ energy specialists apply their deep industry knowledge across the spectrum of energy challenges.

In this white paper, ICF experts offer data-supported insights about energy storage, increasingly recognized as a flexible resource capable of delivering multiple value streams. Despite recent concerns among market participants about the value of energy storage in a volatile market, ICF notes several upsides that will continue to maintain or even elevate the value that current and future storage resources can derive from this market in the near and long term.

Download the paper to learn why ICF experts believe the regulation market will continue to be an important domain where energy storage can continue to be valuable, especially in PJM. Learn how they explain price volatilities, why storage as a resource is important, and how to unlock its potential.

Additional value streams of storage are highlighted in a previous ICF white paper on How Energy Storage Will Feed the Duck and Keep the Grid Stable and the webinar entitled Looking Beyond Peak Shaving Benefits.