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Finding the Path to Clean Power Plan Opportunity: Preparing Now to Identify the Greatest Risks and Benefits

Jul 13, 2015

The Clean Power Plan (CPP) is here. Risks and real opportunities lie ahead. That is why ICF International has developed a new approach to help you quantify opportunities and risks from the Clean Power Plan to help you get ahead of the game.

The release of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) final CPP Rule starts a mad dash for states to develop individual plans for implementation, which will fundamentally impact utilities, generators of every stripe, consumers, and every other affected stakeholder.

This planning won't be easy because regulators will need to wade through a confusing thicket of options to determine which plan components make the most sense. And the design options—the type of standard (emission rate or mass), the scope of compliance (state or multistate), the role of new sources, and many others—will be positive for some but create significant risks for others. ICF can help you assess which designs offer you the greatest opportunity and which ones create the greatest risks under different outcomes. ICF's CPP Navigator tool provides quantitative analysis to support your own compliance strategy and to inform your state's design effort.

To see how ICF uses CPP Navigator to help organizations like yours, download this "quick take" for a description and case study of how different design choices can lead to very different outcomes for generation units, portfolios, wholesale prices, and retail rates. We show how design choices can lead to windfalls for some but significant challenges for others.