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Averting Disaster on the Grid - A Strategy to Mitigate the Risks of Catastrophic Events

Aug 16, 2016

Maintaining the security and reliability of today’s electric grid is becoming increasingly complex. The United States' bulk electric transmission grid is encountering increasing threats from cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and physical assault that can cause widespread damage. These low frequency, high impact events can result in significant widespread outages with serious economic and societal implications. With so much at stake, and new mandated federal regulations, it is imperative for utilities to take action to mitigate the potential impact of such events. 

In partnership with Grid Assurance, ICF created a first-of-its-kind resiliency risk framework to define possible scenarios, define the optimal level of inventory and quantify the benefits of pooling the equipment needs among utilities. In this webinar, we highlight:

  • The rising security threats and risks for the U.S. bulk electric transmission grid security and resiliency
  • A scenario framework to assess the impact of catastrophic events on high-voltage equipment
  • The strategy to develop an optimal inventory hosting capacity
  • Economic benefits of pooling resources across multiple transmission owners 

About Grid Assurance: Grid Assurance is a coalition of six major U.S. utilities established to provide the industry with a cost-effective solution to mitigate increasing threats to the security of the U.S. bulk electric power system. They provides the right level of inventory to strategic locations to expedite recovery following a catastrophic event.