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ICForecast Strategic Power Outlook

The ICForecast Strategic Power Outlook provides utility planners, regulatory compliance staff, investment firms and fuel suppliers with detailed price, production, and consumption forecasts for the power sector. The outlook arms energy professionals with essential information to make important financial and strategic decisions.

The data is derived from ICF's Integrated Planning Model (IPM®). IPM accurately captures unique performance characteristics and limitations of conventional and unconventional generation technologies, including gas and steam turbines, combined cycle, cogeneration, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, and other renewables. Energy efficiency and demand side management (DSM) programs are properly evaluated in an integrated framework with other resource options recognizing their limited capacity value and nondispatchable characteristics.

projected national average power prices and natural gas generation capacity additions

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The Strategic Power Outlook includes the following outputs at the annual level of reporting:

  • Quarterly delivery
  • One-on-one time with our subject matter experts to confidentially discuss our assumptions, conclusions and address your questions
  • Strategic Integrated Briefing Book and Presentation
  • 25-year projections for the following areas:
    • Regional generating capacity
    • Regional generating capacity by fuel type
    • Regional generating capacity by technology type
    • Regional energy demand
    • Regional peak demand
    • Regional reserve margin projections
    • On and Off-Peak pricing for ~50 U.S. price points (real and nominal)
    • Delivered natural gas prices for ~50 U.S. price points (real and nominal)
    • Henry Hub price projections
    • On and Off-Peak implied heat rates for ~50 U.S. price points
    • REC price projections (real and nominal)
  • Monthly Newsletter and Industry Update

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