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ICForecast Strategic Coal Outlook

Available for download soon

The ICForecast Strategic Coal Outlook is derived from the Coal Depletion Optimization Model (CoalDOM®), ICF's engineering-economic fundamentals coal supply and transportation tool for the U.S. and international coal markets. CoalDOM® uses a comprehensive mine-by-mine database of coal mines in the United States where each mine is classified by geography, quality, type, technology, technology sub-type, production category, and vintage.

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The Strategic Coal Outlook includes:

  • 25-year coal price projections for nine U.S. regions (annual) (hi/base/low curves)
    Regions: Kentucky East, West Virginia South, Ohio, Pennsylvania West, Illinois, Kentucky West, PRB 8800, PRB 8400, Colorado Uinta
    Two coal qualities per region
  • 25-year coal supply projections by U.S. supply region: nine regions (above) plus five basins and total U.S. (annual) (hi/base/low curves)
    Basins: CAPP, NAPP, ILB, PRB, Rockies
    Regions: Australia, China, South Africa, Colombia, Indonesia
    Total U.S. production
  • 25-year coal demand for power generation for 10 domestic demand regions (annual) (hi/base/low curves)
    ISO regions: ISO NE, PJM, NY-ISO, Florida, WECC, MISO, SPP, ERCOT, Entergy, Southern Company, TVA, VACAR
  • Monthly newsletter and industry update
  • Annual on-site visit (client pays travel only)

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