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North American Midstream Infrastructure through 2035: Capitalizing on Our Energy Abundance


As the United States and Canada become more energy independent due to shale and conventional production growth, the need for supporting infrastructure is key to capitalizing on North America's energy abundance.

ICForecast Midstream Infrastructure Report (MIR) – Supporting Data provides the fundamental data behind the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation's 2014 report. The report informs infrastructure owners and operators, construction and engineering firms, equipment manufacturers, policy makers, and stakeholders about the dynamics that impact North American energy markets.

Get access to the report's critical insights through 2035 by downloading a sample of its methodology and results. The Detailed Study Methodology and Results includes:

  • Brief overview
  • Modeling and cost assumptions
  • Summary of base case trends

Download the Detailed Study and Methodology Results by completing the form. Interested in learning more about the data behind the report? Explore our ICForecast Midstream Infrastructure Report (MIR) – Supporting Data product, as well as the rest of the ICForecast Product Suite.