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ICForecast: Executive Energy Outlook

The Executive Energy Outlook provides insights and analysis across multiple commodities, including power, natural gas, coal, associated fuels, and renewable energy. It also examines variables and factors that have influenced the market since the previous release as well as a 25-year forward look at market economics. Key environmental and regulatory issues that influence energy markets are addressed across regions and market segments.

Staying on top of significant changes and projected outcomes for energy markets with ICF's Executive Energy Outlook enables executive communication, facilitates executive action for strategic planning, and helps set expectations for overall trends as forecast by ICF experts for senior management.

The Executive Energy Outlook is supported by ICF's proprietary models, including Integrated Planning Model (IPM®), Gas Market Model (GMM®), and CoalDom®, and developed by expert energy consulting teams, all which provide solutions that are defendable, repeatable, and reputable.

ICF Energy Forecast Outlook Graph

The Executive Energy Outlook now includes price projections for reference, high, and low cases for all of the covered markets. The scenarios vary by the assumed natural gas supply offer perspective on the influence of fuel cost on the modeled prices for power, coal, emissions, and renewables.

The Executive Energy Outlook includes:

  • Quarterly updated and delivered briefing book and supporting model output data
  • Confidential release calls with our energy expert teams to discuss our assumptions and conclusions and your questions confidentially
  • Customized studies that can be specified to your requirements
  • Lower subscription fees and license options

To schedule your demonstration or to learn more, please complete the form and indicate your interest as Executive Energy Outlook or contact us directly at icforecastsales@icf.com.

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