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ICF Airport Schedule and Reports

Available for download soon
Jun 8, 2011

The Airport Schedule Report is a monthly airport management information report available on an annual subscription basis. The report summarizes the flight activity of all scheduled domestic and international airline operations at a given airport. Reviewing these reports on a regular basis provides aviation management with the ability to track:

  • Changing airline service
  • Aircraft operated
  • Changing service to destination cities
  • Peak hour activity
  • Many other trends in scheduled service

Each monthly report displays flight activity (i.e., daily departures) by carrier, market, time of day, and other formats for both jet and regional service. Details include, but are not limited to:

  • Number of daily flights and seats
  • Carrier shares of departures and seats
  • Nonstop service levels in all nonstop markets, by carrier
  • Service changes from the prior month and prior year
  • Hourly distribution of arriving and departing flights

This information is provided in detailed tables, as well as in graphical format.

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