Reports & Research

Perspectives on Implementing Benefit-Cost Analysis in Climate Assessment

Jan 13, 2015

Tapping the knowledge of our experts who serve on the frontlines of climate change and provide client-focused solutions to address a changing planet, ICF coordinated and contributed to a series of industry articles on the topic. This article series by climate economists and scientists explores the frontiers of economic analysis of climate change impacts and adaptation using benefit-cost analysis tools.

The articles focus on fundamental methodological considerations; climate impact assessments using integrated assessment modeling versus more disaggregated, sectoral approaches; climate adaptation planning; and decision making under uncertainty. The challenges of applying benefit-cost analysis for climate change and the use of economic tools and information in broader analytical and decision frameworks are also explored.

Sharing insights from experts uniquely qualified to advise on and execute solutions in response to a changing planet: yet another way ICF helps clients achieve their ambitious goals.

By Dr. Fran Sussman