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Canadian International Development Agency

Caspian Basin Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Training Program

The goal of the Caspian Basin Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Training Program (CTP) was to strengthen the capacity of participating countries—Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan—to reduce future growth in GHG emissions and create an environment more conducive to future private sector investment in the energy sector. This goal was achieved by enabling the participating countries to better attract new GHG emissions reductions investments through the anticipated flexibility mechanisms (JI or CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol or its equivalent. 

The outcomes of the CTP were an awareness of climate change issues and JI/CDM business opportunities in both the public and private-sector domains of energy production and a strengthened pool of GHG offset project developers able to prepare investment proposals that meet anticipated JI/CDM rules and investor needs.

ICF developed training materials and conducts training for decision-makers, managers and operators in the energy and other sectors to:

  • Identify and develop GHG emission reduction projects based on emerging CDM and JI guidelines
  • Help companies and governments in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan to identify and prepare “bankable” JI/CDM projects
  • Assist local partners in finding and preparing demonstration JI/CDM projects, including compiling initial project lists, developing Terms of Reference, evaluating submitted project proposals, and assisting with the implementation and monitoring of selected and funded projects.

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